What Is A Transponder Key And How Does It Work

You may be wondering what a transponder key is and what it’s purpose is. Many wondering this are also curious how to make copies of them. For example, many car owners go to their dealership to get copies of their keys if lost or damaged, but it can be quite expensive doing this at a dealership.

Find out what a transponder key is, how it makes your car safer, how you can get a copy, and why copies of remote keys can cost more than you think.

What Is A Car’s Transponder Key?

Most cars made in the last 20 years have transponder keys as a security measure to keep them from being stolen. Keyless entry systems for homes, gates, and garage door openers also use remote keys.

Microchips are used in transponder devices to send a low-level signal from a key to a remote receiver. The serial number is put on the microchip by the company that makes it. Using RFID (radio frequency identification), the receiver must find the correct serial number to unlock or open. Transponder keys are like key fobs in that they can be used to open car locks, home security systems, gates, and garage doors.

When the key is put into a transponder key for a car, the signal is sent to a receiver near the ignition. When the driver turns the key, the car will start if the digital serial number in the transponder matches the one programmed into the car.

Why Are Transponder Keys More Secure?

Transponder keys give cars a higher level of security in two different ways. They make “hot wiring” or breaking the ignition lock ineffective, which makes it harder to steal a car. The car won’t start if it can’t find the microchip in the key or the exact serial number. Traditional ignition keys only have a few standard cut combinations, but the digital ID of a transponder key is almost always unique.

When you use a digital identity instead of standard cuts on a mechanical key, there are many more possible combinations. This makes it less likely that someone else’s key could be used to get into your car.

How Can I Get a Copy of a Transponder Key?

If your transponder key gets lost, stolen, or stops working, it’s not always clear who to call. Contact a trusted locksmith if you need a new key or a new key programmed.

Locksmiths can help with remote keys, but not many people know this. Locksmiths use the same tools as car dealers to replace and program new remote car keys. They know how to make a copy car key with a chip that works just as well and costs a lot less.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Transponder Key?

This is probably the second most common thing people ask locksmiths about replacing transponder keys. Getting a copy of a key with a microchip costs a lot more than a regular rekey. Also, car dealerships usually charge much more than car owners expect for a new transponder key.

Anyone, including dealerships and locksmiths, has to pay a lot of money to buy keys with microchips in the head. A traditional key can be copied easily and for a low price. You might be able to open the doors or roll down the windows without the microchip. But when you turn the key in the ignition, the car’s engine won’t start.

Can I Program a Transponder Key Myself?

No, you need special tools and skills to program the key. But both the car dealership and the locksmith in your area should be able to help.

Preventing Another Lockout

If you often lock yourself out of your car, you might want to take the following steps to stop it from happening:

  • Don’t use the door handle locks to lock your car. When you leave the car, make it a habit to either lock it from the outside or use the remote lock function on the key.
  • Don’t let your kids play in the car with your keys, because you could get locked out while your kids are still inside.
  • Make sure that you have a spare key, and that is is never kept inside your car, but rather in a place where it can be accessed, like in your home where someone who also lives there can bring it to you if needed.

Anyone who has been stuck outside their car without a way to get in or get their keys knows how inconvenient this can be. But taking simple steps can make it less likely that you’ll need to call a locksmith in an emergency, though this is of course always an option!

Where to Get a Transponder Key Made

You might have broken the only key to your car or lost it. Where can you get a service to replace a chip key?

We suggest you go to a professional locksmith company if you want to save money. Transponder car keys can also be made at a dealership. A locksmith, on the other hand, can do it for much less than a dealership. Getting your car towed will cost you time and money, but a mobile locksmith will come to you.

Can You Program Transponder Key Without Original?

Yes, it is possible to program most transponder keys without having the original key. If you need a new key for your car, 24/7 Locksmith can make you a new one. We can also come to you because we are an experienced locksmith.

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