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Commercial Locksmith in Bend

If you own a commercial property, you know how important it is to keep your business running smoothly. Having secure entryways that are also accessible is critical.

However, if you have compromised locks, your ability to secure your premises and protect your business will also be compromised. Thankfully, at 24/7 Locksmith Co., we offer comprehensive commercial lock repair services that can address issues with any of your locks and get them up and running again within no time.

Business Lock Re-key

If you have a commercial lock that is too old, you can have it re-keyed instead. This process involves removing the door lock and the pins inside. The lock is then re-keyed using new pins of a different size (and, in some cases, a different shape), which allows multiple locks to be re-keyed to match the same key. This is common in commercial settings where employees regularly move between offices or buildings.

Master Key Installation

Another option for commercial businesses is having a master key installed at the main entrance. A master key system allows multiple locks to be opened with a single key, which can be convenient for employees who regularly travel between buildings.

Business Lockout

While you may be more familiar with a residential lockout, commercial lockouts also happen. They are more common because companies often have multiple keys on hand. This increases the risk of an employee accidentally locking themselves out.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a locksmith on call at all times to handle lockouts. The first step in handling a commercial lockout is determining whether the person is inside or outside the building.

If the person is inside the building, you can have the locksmith re-key the lock so that the person can get out. If the person is on the outside, a locksmith can open the door with a unique tool.

Repairing Damaged Locks

If a lock is malfunctioning but is still physically intact, the best option for commercial businesses is to have it repaired. A locksmith will evaluate the lock and adjust the internal mechanisms to function properly.

This can be done for many different types of commercial locks, including:


Deadbolts can start misfiring due to age, water damage, or dirt buildup. If it misfires, the door will stay locked, even if the correct key is inserted. Sometimes, the internal components might be misaligned or broken, preventing the deadbolt from retracting.

Electronic or Digital Locks

These are common in commercial buildings. These locks use computer software, access codes, and electrical wiring. If any of these components break or start to malfunction, they must be repaired.


Padlocks are used to secure doors, gates, and equipment. If these locks become damaged, you may need to replace them entirely. However, if a single padlock is damaged, you can have it repaired. A locksmith will adjust the internal mechanisms to bring it back to working order.

Replace Locks

If repairs don’t fix a lock, you may need to replace it entirely. Each door is keyed differently for the best types of locks to use in commercial settings. This allows you to swap out any door or lock that is broken or malfunctioning and replace it with a new one.

You can replace a lock by removing the old one and installing the new one. While you can attempt this yourself, it’s best to leave this job to a professional locksmith. Replacing a door lock incorrectly can cause the lock to malfunction even more and make your commercial property less secure.

Installation of Commercial Locks

If you need to secure a new building or want to upgrade the locks in your current commercial property, you can have locks installed by a locksmith. This is generally a more expensive option, but also more permanent. Improper installation can cause the lock to malfunction or break. In addition, you should always ensure a licensed locksmith installs the locks.

The 24/7 Locksmith Co. Difference

When you hire 24/7 Locksmith Co., you’re getting more than just a locksmith. You’re getting a team of trusted professionals who will arrive at your location quickly, work efficiently, and bill you fairly.

Our technicians are all licensed and trained in the latest lock and security technologies. Each technician carries a comprehensive set of tools, including a wide range of automotive and residential lock and key replacement parts.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the absolute best service. We build strong relationships with our clients, respond quickly to their needs, and work tirelessly to solve their problems.

Highly skilled certified locksmith guaranteed.

We work hard to remain transparent by providing upfront pricing.

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