How to Unlock a Door Without a Key

You’ve locked yourself out of your house, hotel room, or office. If you’re lucky, you might have a friend who can let you in. But if not, how will you get back inside? A locked door is a frustrating inconvenience for most people, but for others, it’s an everyday part of their job.

Locksmiths are also beneficial in emergencies when someone has locked themselves out and needs to get back in as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are many ways to unlock a door without a key.

The trick is knowing which one works best, depending on the circumstances. If you find yourself locked out with no way to get back into your home or business, here are some tricks that could help:

Check the Window

First, check the window to see if it’s open. Sometimes people forget to shut windows all the way or accidentally leave the screen open. If the window is open, you can carefully close it and lock it to keep out intruders. If you can’t get the window to shut, you may be able to climb out of it.

Just ensure it’s not too high, or you might hurt yourself. If the window is closed but can’t unlock it, you can break the glass and reach inside to unlock it. Be careful not to cut yourself on the broken glass. If you see that the window is broken, it’s best to avoid climbing through it. Someone could see you and call the police, and you might get arrested for unlawful entry.

In some places, breaking a window to get inside is considered a crime. If you decide to break the window, wear gloves to avoid getting cut and leave no fingerprints behind. Once inside, you can cover the broken window with a piece of cardboard or a jacket until you have time to fix it.

Call a Friend

Suppose you know someone who can let you in. Call them and ask if they can come over. If you have a phone but no data, find the closest payphone and dial their number. If you don’t have a buddy who can assist you, ask a family member or a neighbor to let you in.

If you don’t have anyone to call, you can always call the police and ask them to help you get inside. Some police departments offer services like this, but they often won’t come out unless there is an emergency.

Lock Picking with a Paperclip

In a pinch, a paperclip can be used to pick a lock. This method works best with older locks that don’t have a digital keypad. You may need to try a few different paper clips to find one that will fit inside the lock properly.

Once the paperclip is in place, gently twist the paperclip back and forth to get the tumblers to fall into place. This can take a few tries to get right, but it will be well worth it when you finally unlock the door. This method works best with older-style locks without a digital keypad.

You will want to find the lock mechanism inside the lock and apply pressure with the paperclip.

Check The Door Knob and Lock

You may be able to open the door if the knob or the lock is broken. If the knob is broken, you can remove it and take it with you. If the lock is broken and you have a spare key, you can open the door from the inside and use the key to lock the door again.

If there’s no keyhole, remove the bolt and take that with you too. If the door is wooden, you can use a slim tool like a screwdriver or ice scraper to pry the lock.

Use a Slim Tool to Unlock it

If the door is metal and you can’t break the lock, gently pry it open with a slim tool like a screwdriver or ice scraper. If the door is wooden, you may be able to break a hole in it and reach inside to unlock it. If the door is metal and you can’t pry it open, there may be another way to get inside.

Some metal doors have a small hole where the lock is. If you can reach the lock through that, you might be able to unlock it. If you have a crowbar, try prying the door’s frame open and reaching inside to unlock the lock.

If you have a long enough piece of wood or metal, you can try jamming it in the door’s hinge to pry it open. Be careful when prying the door open since you might damage it and make it harder to fix.

Bring a Card to Slip Inside the Door

If you have a credit card or gift card, you can use it to slip inside the door and unlock it. Put the card in the crack between the door and the frame, and push the door open. Ensure the card is perfectly straight so it doesn’t bend or break. You can also use a piece of wood or a small tool to push the door open.

Lock-Out Tools

If there’s no way to unlock the door, you may need to break it open. If you have a sledgehammer, you can try to smash the door open. You can also use a jackhammer to break concrete with a concrete drill.

Use a screwdriver or crowbar to lift the door’s lock, and then use the saw to cut the door open. Be careful not to cut yourself on the broken door pieces.

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