How to Change a Battery in a Key Fob: The Simplest, Easiest Tutorial

If you drive a car, you’re likely well acquainted with the importance of key fobs. These handy devices unlock your vehicle, activate the lights and engine, and even start the engine. Most cars require a key fob to operate these features.

If your battery dies or you need to change it for any other reason, don’t worry! It’s an easy process. Here is how to change the battery in a key fob. Changing the battery in your key fob is relatively simple and takes only about 15 minutes to complete. You will need some tools and new batteries for this job.

Changing the battery requires opening the fob, so you might want to wear gloves beforehand. Once you have changed the battery, reverse the steps and lock it back up again before placing it back in your pocket or locking it away in a safe place—make sure no one else has access to it!

What You’ll Need

To change the battery in a key fob, you will need a pair of gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges, a new battery, a screwdriver, and some pliers if your fob has screws holding the battery in place. You will also need a place to set the new battery once you have it inside the fob, so a piece of paper or a small bowl would be an excellent place to start.

Once you have changed the battery and the fob is closed again, you might need to reprogram it. If you want to use the old batteries again, mark them with a piece of tape, so you know which ones they are. You might want to use a permanent marker, so they are easy to see. You can also throw them away if they are dead. 

Locate the Batteries

The batteries inside your key fob are lithium batteries. They are slightly different from the AA or AAA batteries you have in other devices. The good news is that most big battery stores or stores that sell car parts will stock the batteries you need. You can also find them online if you would rather shop from your computer.

Open the Key Fob

The first step in changing the battery in a key fob is to open the device up. Open the key fob and look for screws or clips holding it together. There might also be a button or a switch you can push to pop apart the two halves of the device.

If the key fob you are trying to open has a screw, you can use pliers to turn it counterclockwise. Take care not to strip the threads when you remove the screw so that you can use it again in the future if you need to!

Change the Battery

When you have opened up the key fob, find the battery. It is usually a thin, silver cylinder with a black rubber cap. Make sure to remove the cap before you replace the battery. You might want to use pliers, as they can be difficult to remove without the proper tool!

When it’s time to put the new battery in, put the new one in the same way the old one was positioned. You might need to use a bit of crumpled-up paper or perhaps a small bowl to prop up one end of the battery to stay in place.

Re-Close and Lock the Key Fob

Once the new battery is in place, put the two halves of the fob back together. Make sure you line up the buttons or other features to close correctly. Once you have the two halves back together, push the screw back into place or use the button or switch to close the fob again.

If the two halves don’t close again, make sure that you have the new battery positioned adequately. You might need a new key fob if they still won’t close. In most cases, though, the fob will work just fine.

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Key fobs are a crucial part of modern life. They help give you more control over your life and make things more convenient. But what happens when the battery dies? You can easily replace it with a new one, but you must be careful. Don’t forget to use the correct battery.

A common mistake is using alkaline batteries, which can cause damage. Lithium batteries are safer, last longer, and are more powerful. If you have a key fob that you want to change the battery in, you can do so with these instructions.

First, open up the key fob and remove the old battery. Put in the new battery and close the key fob again. The process is quick and easy, so you should have it done in no time!

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