Commercial Door Lock Replacement

Replacing locks on commercial doors can be time-consuming and frustrating without the proper equipment.

This article will help you decide whether you want to change the locks on your business’s doors on your own or if you want to discuss the problem with a professional commercial locksmith. Changing the locks on a commercial building requires a deep understanding of everything that is involved. Continue reading to learn more!

Things To Consider


When you need to change locks, it’s essential to know that there may be other solutions than commercial door lock replacement. Rekeying your existing locks is a cost-effective and safe alternative to replacing them. Rekeying lets you keep all your current hardware, including the lock cylinder.

Rekeying alters the configuration of the lock so only the new key can operate it. Additionally, it can involve the installation of security pins to enhance the lock’s level of security. This is recommended when a key has been lost, stolen, or compromised in any way.

This makes rekeying an excellent choice for having several commercial locks function with the same key, reducing the number of keys handled by each employee. If the locks you wish to have the same key for have a distinct cylinder, they cannot be keyed the same since the keys will be in different sizes, shapes, and so on. A commercial door lock installation may be necessary if you wish to rekey your locks so that they all work with the same key.

Size and Fit

You need to pay special attention to all the specifications if you want to keep your current door or replace a lock cylinder without completely rebuilding the lock hardware.

Fortunately, most contemporary offices and storefronts have standard door widths cut in the same ways to fit typical commercial locks. But replacing a commercial door lock can still be tricky. Some extenuating circumstances complicate what should be a pretty straightforward process.

Visually matching your present and replacement hardware might be deceptive.

For instance, even if the new lock cylinder of a mortise lock has the exact dimensions as the old one, the set screw for the cylinder may still be too short if the replacement commercial door lock involves the mortise lock. The set screws needed to hold the cylinder may not extend far enough because of the very deep gutters on the sides of the cylinders.

The measurement of the diameter of your cylinder may be off, in addition to the possibility that you require a different set of screws. If your cylinder is too broad, you might need to drill a hole in the door, or it might not be possible to attach it.

You can buy a retaining ring if your cylinder is too small. You also need a cam that is the right size and form to operate the hardware on the back of your cylinder. Always double-check your locks, and if necessary, seek advice from a locksmith to ensure everything is the proper size.


The primary reason for installing a lock on a door is security. Therefore, when you change the locks on your commercial doors, consider how your lock protects you.

Even if any lock can be picked, most thieves refrain from doing so. They rely primarily on brute force/destructive entry and will likely use bump keys or bypass techniques. Because of this, you require locks that explicitly strengthen your protection against these more probable threats.

Although lock picking is uncommon, anti-picking security measures may stop lock bumping and drilling attempts. Bump keys will become less useful, if not completely useless, with security pins. The lock’s reinforced steel pins will stop even the most powerful drill bit.

You can also employ various lock types, such as disk detainer locks, which are more challenging to drill through or bypass because they cannot be knocked open. When replacing a commercial door lock, always take these upgrades into account.

Additionally, you must be aware of the numerous bypasses and easy exploits that different business door locks are susceptible to. And an even simpler bypass exists for the incredibly resilient swing bolt mechanism. Knowing about these tricks is enough of a justification for getting a commercial door lock replacement. When replacing a lock, you should be careful not to leave these security holes.

Key Control

Key control is a system that manages and monitors key access within a business. It involves assigning keys to authorized personnel, tracking who can access which keys, and ensuring they are returned and accounted for. Key control is essential for maintaining security and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive areas or information.

Key control is an additional security feature that can enhance the overall security of a lock in addition to its physical construction. Ensuring a proper commercial security system is crucial since individuals possessing a key can gain entry to your business.

If you take your business security seriously, you must include a key control in your business door lock replacement strategy.

Criminals with access to a functioning key can still manufacture duplicates, although more sophisticated assaults like these are unlikely to be seen in the ordinary workplace or shop.

Another factor to consider when replacing business door locks is if the facility has a master key system. Replacement locks must be repinned to the master key to keep the system working. Replacing pins and master keys requires specialized tools and equipment, so hiring a locksmith is necessary. In addition, you must ensure that your new lock utilizes the same key profiles as all other locks in the master key system.

Life Span

One key feature that sets commercial locks apart from their residential counterparts is their increased durability. The interior parts of a lock are under strain every time a key or handle is turned. This tension will gradually cause harm.

Commercial locks include more substantial elements that allow them to be used more often without breaking. This is to account for the increased traffic that companies face as compared to households.

Stronger locks need a more durable metal. As a consequence, these items can be expensive.

Most companies that make locks will cut costs by utilizing more plastic parts and lower-quality metal in their products.

When attempting to lower the cost of business door lock replacement, using less costly locks may often result in a product that will not last long. There are various methods to save money on storefront lock repair, but purchasing the least expensive commercial door hardware is not advised.

Types Of Commercial Door Lock Replacement

a silver door with silver door knob and lock

As numerous options are available on the market, commercial door lock replacement can vary depending on the product used.

To effectively use the information provided above, analyzing each section and considering what applies to your situation is essential. It is also beneficial to seek assistance from a certified locksmith to help you decide which to purchase.

The majority of commercial door locks fall into the following categories:

Basic Locks

Adams-Rite locks, or aluminum storefront or glass storefront door locks, are the most commonly used locks on storefront door hardware. Mortise locks are typically the type of lock used for commercial door lock replacements.

A mortise lock is designed to fit into a pocket or mortise carved into a door’s edge. The lock mechanism slides into this pocket, which helps keep the lock stay securely in place. For proper installation, it is important to make sure that the new lock slides into the same pocket or that the new cylinder securely fits into the door/hardware.

Push Bars

Push bars are primarily designed for safety and convenience rather than security purposes. But push bars provide a higher level of security for entry compared to bathroom door locks, which are only meant to indicate the denial of access.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are commonly used in commercial buildings nowadays.

It is important to note that if your electronic locks are hardwired, as is often the case in commercial settings, they should only be replaced with the supervision of a professional. It is recommended that only battery-powered electronic locks should be installed by individuals who do not have professional experience.

Electronic locks powered by batteries are designed for use in residential settings and are relatively easy to remove or replace.

Options for Commercial Door Lock Replacement Services


Employing a locksmith for commercial door replacement in your area will be the best option for business owners and managers.

A locksmith is the only service provider with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform commercial door lock replacements for your business. They can also guarantee that the job is done correctly, considering any local and federal legislation.

Your trusted locksmith can also suggest and offer locks that will address all your concerns.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Some business owners or property managers have the option to perform this task on their own. Before starting on a project that involves researching parts, ordering locks, and doing the labor, it is important to consider your experience level.

Improper installation of locks can increase the likelihood of lockouts, broken keys, and the need for lock replacement. Experiencing any of these issues can result in your business being unusable for some time. If you do not have experience in this area, it is best to hire a professional locksmith to ensure the job is completed properly.

Building Management

Building management is intentionally listed as the last option.

If you are a building manager seeking to hire a service provider, this information may be relevant to you.

It is important to note that landlords are legally responsible for addressing specific door lock issues. If you believe this responsibility is not being upheld, it may be worth double-checking to ensure your safety and security are not at risk. Failure to address these issues could leave the landlord legally responsible for any potential loss. Building managers can find information about locksmiths in the section above.


It is an excellent idea to establish a rapport with a local locksmith so that you have a company you can rely on for any future security or lock-related issues.

You will likely require more than one commercial door lock replacement throughout the course of your business, and lock changes are unlikely to be the only services you will require. For instance, you may become locked out of your safe, require new keys, or need to rekey locks after employees depart.

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